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RE: Alienware 17 R2 - Heating

for all the people i am going to teach everybody how to fix this problem 🙂
i was having the same problem as you.
the problem was that you need to put something in the back of your lap to let your laptop bread. the heat produced by the RAM and the HDD pass through the keyboard. in my case i use the cheapest cooler of genius, is not necessary to use a cooler, you can use a solid object in the back.

as you can see, is a small cooler and you can carry it in your bag easely. 

now i have this temps while playing btf4 on ultra.
also i was not satisfied with my temps and i want to reduce it more, so i install Intel Xtu and made an undervolt, undervolting your cpu is safe and increase the life span of your cpu, the only problem is find a stable value. I am going to teach you what i do.
first, here is the application

second: for my experience i can ensure you that the speed of the processor does not make a big difference in gaming(cores do!), so i reduce a little bit the max turbo frequency from 3,5 to 3 in all cores mode (is just 0.5 Ghz)

just put the same values as me, and press APPLY. you don't have to push save or anything else.
making this you reduce the voltage and your battery will last more. mine last more than 7 hours while browsing.

and let's check the new temperatures while making a stress test

you will have this temps in the worst case!!! 100% cpu usage and 100% GPU usage. it's impossible but is for testing. and without turning on my cooler :S
and my keyboard is as cold as the palm rest = nothing :S. only the power button is a little bit warm
i hope this help everyone 🙂 for me is PERFECT!