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M17x R1 Nvidia GTX 260m SLI not working or responding

Hello to all... maybe I can get some help or some insight from others who have been in a similar situation.. I have had my M17x 260M sli since sept 2009.. I mainly play final fantasy 14.. a month ago the game froze on me and I got a msg says "display driver failed to respond" and the pc froze up... so after a reboot I tried again and I started seeing green blotches and lines on the screen... then everything was choppy and the game froze up again... after numerous attempts I either get a blue screen or the pc just freezes completely.. I even got an nvida msg to close some programs due to low power or something... I have my laptop plugged in all the time... I do notice when I unplug my laptop my battery says @ 100% then dies to 0% after 10 min... now when I load using hybrid graphics (gtx 260M sli) when the desktop loads it stays all black just with a mouse cursor... could I just have a faulty battery not supplying enough juice to my graphics cards? which I find hard to believe since it stays plugged in anyway... or could my nvidia cards have gone bad? I have 2 so I find it kind of odd for 2 to go out at the same time right? when I use my on-board nvidia 9400 graphics every thing workd fine however I cand run games with it Smiley Sad Please!!! anyone with any knowledge or that can share a similar experiences please help... Dell / Alienware now are money hungry and ruthless... I am no longer under warranty and I can't even speak to a tech unless I pay... Please help!!! Amy Smiley Sad

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