Looking for Upgrade - Dead GTX 280M

I've got two GTX 280M's running in an SLI configuration as my discrete graphics in an Alienware m17x, and an nVidia Geforce 9400 as the integrated graphics chip.

However, booting normally (using discrete graphics) results in a completely black screen. The computer boots and runs fine when booted into integrated graphics, ensured by literally removing the 280M's. 

Now, I'm pretty sure that one of, or both of, the cards have hardware issues and have essentially died.

The cards are a pretty old model, and it'll be hard to get a new one in a hurry. 

So I'm wondering what possibilities there are to upgrade? Price isn't a huge worry, and I'm very capable of doing all the installations myself.

In summary, what should I be looking at to replace a GTX280M?


Computer Spec:
Intel Quad Core Extreme QX9300
Dual nVidia GTX280M running in SLI
Windows 7 64-bit

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