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RE: Aurora r4 Internal hard disk drive not found

hi everyone,
since you said you had a virus are you absolutely sure of viruses gone.
Some viruses can be very destructive and prevent you from making adjustments and so on and so on.
I know this because I've dealt with many viruses in the past. They hide on your hard drive and cause havoc on your system.
Sometimes you can get rid of the virus by reformatting the hard drive and then reinstalling your operating system.
The last resorts would be buying a new hard drive.
You can also take the hard drive out to a local computer store and they can scan and make sure the viruses gone. I would recommend doing this. That way you will be 100% sure the virus is gone.

ps , I would not recommend  taking the CMOS battery out the CMOS battery holds information  current, when your computer is turned off  . It maintains the current settings by removing the battery when you are basically doing  is removing current information and CMOS will return to the factory settings. Therefore any settings that were made  are now gone.

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