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HELP Discrete GPU: noise / clicking sound - Alienware 13

My brand new Alienware 13 works perfectly. Except when i run an application that activates the discrete graphics Nvidia GPU. As soon as it starts I begin to hear an irregular clicking sound. The sound is emerging from the top left corner.

It is possibly the left fan, but why would it only begin making noise, when the GPU is running?

I am not 100% sure it's a fan noise. It could possible be an electronic noise of some sort. It's sort of reminiscent to the sound a bad hard-drive makes, but my laptop has SSD (and it's located in the lower middle)

The laptop is running on an out of the box setup, with updates drivers.

I have attempted to open the case, and had a look inside, but could not see anything caught in the fan. 

Please help, the noise is both troubling and annoying , and I am generally very pleased with the product. it would be a shame to have to return it.

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