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Re: Aurora r6 restarting when told to shutdown.

posthxc1982 wrote:

1. It is off.

2. But if my choices are re-installing windows and keeping this issue. I would rather keep this issue. What kind of negative impact could it have on my system in the long run?

3. I could move all my files over to another HDD I have installed and refresh windows.

4. Do you think that might resolve the issue?

5. This PC is less than a month old.

1. You know what it looks like when a PC crash/reboots vs Resets. Need to find out which. Event Viewer log might help.


2. Careless decision. Could be a hardware problem.


3. Yeah, something like that. See my Bookmarks. Right, clean-install Windows fresh.


4. Possibly.


5. Return it if possible or use onsite Warranty support.

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