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RE: Aurora R4 Stability and boot issues


I suddenly had 2 of my Alienware Aurora 4's with Windows 7 start freezing on me about 10-20 seconds after boot up.

My fix:

Get into safemode: spam F8 in the initial boot phase.

Once in safemode: Control Panel --> Administrative Tools --> System Configuration --> Services --> Hide all Microsoft services --> uncheck SoftThings Agent Service --> Apply --> Ok --> reboot

I believe there is some sort of conflict going on between SoftThing Agent Service which is linked to a dell bundle of restore software.

This may not be your same problem, but it was so strange that it happened to both computers at the same time. I had originally stopped all non Microsoft services and systematically found that it was the SoftThings Agent Service that froze both computers. I hope this helps and looking forward to seeing if this fixes your freezing issue.