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RE: Aurora R4 Stability and boot issues

Hi Weestals. Congrats on the H80i GT purchase.  Installing the hardware was no problem, so as long as you follow the simple instructions. I chose to invert my fans inward instead of outward as the stock Alienware fan is directed which works great, as long as you don't mind the slightly louder fans.

The software was a nightmare install.  I hope you won't have any usb detection issues as I did..I think it took couple of weeks of searching on the Corsair forums to finally install the temperamental software to actually work. Since I upgrade to Windows 10, the software usb detection has once again gone nuts. The solution is way to technical for me to fix, so I'm gonna wait it out for the next release of the software.  The Corsair Link software does not need to be installed in order for the pump to work properly and regulated by your PC.

If you get the Corsair Link software to work properly, I would recommend to configure it so that it does not auto start at boot.  The software may conflict with the Alienware temp software and cause issues when loaded at boot as it did for me.  I never had an issue with manually starting the software (once I got it to work).  Generally I only started the Corsair Link software before playing a game.

Good luck amigo!

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