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Alienware M17x-R2 Performance Issues - Replacement?

Hi, is it possible to get a replacement system for my Alienware M17x. There have been some performance issues and strangely frequent BSODs for quite some time now (several months). Performance is low, and most games that this laptop should be able to run smoothly, cannot run smoothly. For example Crysis can barely be run on lowest settings, and most modern games can only be run at low/medium video settings.

I also happen to have a Dell Complete Cover warranty with 794 days left.


Intel i7-840QM

8 gb DDR3 RAM

(2x) ATI Mobility Radeon 5800

I have run a McAfee virus scan, and have found no improvement. It seems to be some kind of hardware issue.

What do I do from here to get it either repaired/replaced? 


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