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Re: Alienware M17x-R2 Performance Issues - Replacement?

have you cleaned out fans? maybe heat is issue and parts are throttling down .. i know i had to clean mine  average 2 times a month  due to dust  .. dust causes air restriction which  impares cooling which means parts to hot.. throttle back to keep cool... just an option ..

also having WAY to much stuff installed can impair its speed .......

have you called dell tech support? what did they advise?.. if you didnt what you waiting for? not even gonna  have a possibility of replacement if they dont try to repair it ..... and this can only be done by calling tech support

the M17X isnt as good as it seems when i buy a 700.00 acer and  its about 10% performance difference IN REAL WORLD .. not benchmarks  , im not gonna lie i loved my M17X R1 ... till it died then my R2 replacement that was brick by tech .. then  sold replacement off ..

Call Tech Support ... make sure cooling is cleaned out.. compressed air from rear output vent  inward ....  works nice ... since it blows dust back out same way it came in ..

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