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Alienware M17xR3 - ATI Radeon HD 6870M problem

Ok Since i've had this computer from the beginning (Feb 2011), when ever i play games, the system just freezes and i have to restart it. This only happens while i'm on the Radeon card, and not the built in Intel HD graphics card (but then i'm not going to use just that cause it can't handle the games). So i figured it had to be the Dell Radeon drivers. But come to find out Dell doesn't have any updated drivers yet for the 6870M series. And ATI wont update the drivers cause it doesn't find any compatable hardware.

So about a week ago somehow i got lucky, by uninstalling every video driver, and the ATI software. Downloaded a fresh update from ATI and it worked. Everything was running great. Until my system decided to check for driver updates and reinstalled the Dell video driver. And now i can't get my system to uninstall the dell drivers again. I mean they uninstall, but now ATI doesn't find any compatible hardware at all. So i'm stuck with the Dell drivers. Which keep crashing the system during game play.

So my question is, is anybody else having this problem? And  is there a way to fix this? Or does Dell just really need to come out with a new update....(which they should hurry up with).

System Specs if this will help solve the problem

Alienware M17XR3
Windows 7 64-bit
Intel Core i7-2820QM @ 2.30
8.00 GB Ram
AMD Radeon HD 6870M - version 8.80.6-101202a-109902C-Dell.4, A00 (ATI is up to 8.861)

Thanks ahead of time, if anybody can figure this out.

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