RE: X51-R2 Upgrade

Make sure you have the Alienware™ 330 Watt Power Supply - Dell Part# : 332-1432

The Alienware X51 Andromeda R5 Graphics Card Requirements:

  • TDP that will match the power supply
  • 'Reference' Single Fan Blower-Style Cooler
  • 9½" long.

A few suggestions that meet the criteria:

PNY XLR8 GTX 960 Performance Edition

PNY 960.png

EVGA GTX 970 Reference Clocked 04G-P4-1970
EVGA GTX 970 Superclocked 04G-P4-1972

Identical Cards. Different Firmware / BIOS

9½" GTX 970 in the Alienware X51 Graphics Card Adapter ready for installation.

GTX 970 X51 15%%.jpg




3DMARK 3Scores 2015-04-27.JPG


Alienware X51 R1 i7 2600 ❖ 16GB ❖ 512GB SSD ❖ EVGA GTX 970 SC ❖ Win 10 Pro