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RE: AREA 51 R2 & USB Audio Device Issue

I found the cause, but not the solution.
As I thought, the problem comes from the NVIDIA GTX 980 cards:

Uninstalling drivers / Disabling GTX 980 cards :
No more problem with my USB sound cards!

Use of GTX 980 cards (SLI mode OFF) :
Got sound dropping & crackling when the cursor move over icons / texts / border window...

Use of GTX 980 cards in SLI mode (x3) :
Same problem, but even more now!

I tested all the latest WHQL drivers, the problem persists.

So I see only these solutions:
- BIOS update (which will correct USB Droppout)
- Updating NVIDIA drivers with a good one.
- A Windows 8.1 patch

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