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missing software & drivers

I just had to re-image my mx11r2 for the 6 time and have downloaded everything available for this machine for the download site. Still missing the bios update, aliensense, my hdmi is not working and i have a unknown hardware in my device manager

Bios provided on the site is not for 64 bit even though it is suppose to be

Aliensense is not provided in "my downloads" even though it was sent with my machine originally

The rest i have no clue

Since buying this machine 3 years ago dell has had to replace every piece of it except the plastic case and it is still overheating even with addition fans blowing on it with the laptoptop stand i have. I have spent more money on support contracts then i did for the machine. Now that i have no support contract they wont post the missing software that should be there in the first place to finish the image.

Can someone please point me in the right direction to find some of this software.

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