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Re: missing software & drivers

Hi Melis2929,

I sincerely apologize for the technical troubles you have experienced with your Dell computer.

Update BIOS from the following link:

  • During BIOS update verify that the computer is connected to an AC Adapter.
  • Disconnect any third party peripherals connected to the computer before performing BIOS update.
  • Do not turn off the computer during the BIOS update.
  • Do not restart the computer during the BIOS update.
  • Ensure battery charge is more than 30% during BIOS update.

Note: Plug your computer to a good, working UPS before you update the BIOS. If you experience a loss of AC power or a significant voltage sag/spike during the BIOS flash, you will either have to buy a new BIOS chip or buy a new motherboard.

Now install Alienware Command centre from the following link:

Refer the following link for Alienware AlienSense FAQ:

Every hardware device has a special identifier that is used by Plug and Play. This identifier can include several different types, such as vendor ID, device ID, subsystem ID, subsystem vendor ID, or revision ID. If a device ID is not present, or your Windows 7/Vista-based computer does not recognize the device ID, Device Manager may list the device as unknown.

Refer the following link which has steps to find out the Device ID:

Kindly let me know the device ID so that I can help you with the drivers.

Awaiting your response!

Thanks & Regards
Rajesh R
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