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X51 carry case options

The X51 is a great portable computer but lugging it around by hand is not ideal (or safe). Any good options you have found for safe convenient portability?

I use my X51 R2 Haswell i7 not for gaming but for hefty stock market programs. I like to transport my X51 between work and home. After some research I ordered a Everki Beacon Gaming Laptop bag. I was pleasantly surprised to find the removable gaming console sleeve in the backpack fits the X51 near-perfectly with some space to breathe. This in turn slides nicely into the backpack without any hassles. When I am at home over weekends or holidays, the console sleeve works great as a dust cover/protector for the X51 on my desk in tower mode. The Everki is a well constructed quality bag and I am very happy with my purchase.

I am told the Alienware Vindicator 18" backpack also fits the X51 but its a small stretch required as it wasn't specifically designed for the X51. It doesn't come with a removable protective console sleeve.

Any other practical portable solutions found by X51 users out there?

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