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Re: Multiple Things Wrong With My Alienware M14x

Which NVIDIA Driver did you try?   Was it one of the BETA/Legacy drivers or the regular driver download? 

I would start with the regular driver download


Then install the latest Beta/Legacy one without doing a clean install.   If that doesnt work, try the one from the Dell Support site.    I have the same computer and graphics card as you and  Iam running the latest NVIDIA just fine.  It may be the video card itself is defective. 

Never had issues with the microphone nor the lid so I can't help you there.  It may be just an update to the BIOS.  Try that first.

I had the HDMI issue problem at the beginning.  To fix it I right clicked on the program I wanted to use and selected "Run with graphic processor" then selected "high performance NVIDIA Processor"  It worked with my ITUNES when I connected it to my TV.  Before, it did not work.   You can also go into the NVIDIA settings and click on Manage 3D settings and manually select the NVIDIA card for programs there.  That should also help. 

Let me know if this helps you.

Good Luck.


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