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Alienware 17 R3 - kl1.sys error on windows 10

I am having issues on my Alienware 17 R3. To start, a couple days ago I installed Kaspersky anit-virus onto my laptop, and the second that it finished installing i got a blue screen and it restarted. Now every time its restarted it errors out. It wont let me boot up at all not even in safemode. I severely need help with it. i attached 2 pics that show what it does.  it says that File:\WINDOWS\system32\DRIVERS\kl1.sys is missing and i have traced it back to Kaspersky. If anyone knows how to fix this PLEASE HELP? i have only had the computer a month...

The pictures below are what i get when i restart my computer...

Also I have tried to download the factory image for my computer but every time it gets to 4,194,300kb it stops and it makes me restart it, and i am using a 16gb jump drive that i formatted just before i started.



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