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RE: Windows 10, Memory leaks, solved, Alienware 17-R3

"to clean the leaked memory out of the bottom of the laptop casing, I don't want it clogging up the vents and causing cooling issues.".

i would also like to know what is meant by this comment...

being a 256 gig SSD' is it possible the drive is getting nearly full... (would like to see this)

i know i cant use anythign under 1tb  to much games Smiley Surprised

for what its worth id like to see whats using  all the ram.. it says  almost 50% so almost 8 gigs used...  but screen shots barely shows 1/8 of whats used....

also im running ark survival game servers on windows 10, and anyone that knows the game.. its a ram hog, the one server has an uptime of almost a year and still dosent see more then  6  gigs used at any given time.. so i would like to see whas hogging all your resources .. rather then  a tiny portion of whats used..

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