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RE: Windows 10, Memory leaks, solved, Alienware 17-R3


for what its worth id like to see whats using  all the ram.. it says  almost 50% so almost 8 gigs used...  but screen shots barely shows 1/8 of whats used....


also im running ark survival game servers on windows 10, and anyone that knows the game.. its a ram hog, the one server has an uptime of almost a year and still dosent see more then  6  gigs used at any given time.. so i would like to see whas hogging all your resources .. rather then  a tiny portion of whats used..


Look, I described the problem and how it was fixed, and I'm happy with how my memory is being used; the problem isn't how much memory is being used as such, but how much memory is not being released after use, and that isn't really visible to the user.

You've missed what the screenshots show, which is just the different amounts of memory allocated to scvhost (before, and after the fix).

I expect memory use to be high, because I use Chrome and have many dozens of tabs open at the same time. Its no big deal, and the system runs fine used this way.

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