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RE: Windows 10, Memory leaks, solved, Alienware 17-R3

Thanks for the writeup Hindesite, I landed on this page because I'm suffering exactly the same problem that you described with the same model Alienware.

I'm just about to have a look at your suggested fix...I thought I'd chime in to this thread as you seem to be getting excessive abuse for trying to help frustrated users like myself.  

I would also describe this problem as a memory leak and I don't think a modern operating system should require regular reboots to work properly.  I could easily go a month or more on Windows 7 without a problem and my Linux boxes probably go more than 6 months!  Regular reboots on Windows 10 machines are enforced by Windows update anyway....Although it may not be a coincidence that my Windows 10 machine that gets the least use is the one with the problem.

Anyway, I'll report back here if my fix turns out to be the same or similar to your write up.



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