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Few questions about Alienware 18

Recently I got my hands on the new alienware 18,it looks marvelous,nothing to say about its appeal. However,I'm kinda new to the Alienware world,and after further research,it came to my ears that there are some issues with it and,from the top of my ignorance,I would like to ask you some questions:

I got it with windows 8 Pro pre-installed,and I would like to update it to 8.1,are there any known compatibitily issues with hardware,drivers,or alienware apps like FX,Audio,etc of Alienware 18? or can I update it carefree? Will it maintain the Pro features?

I heard there's a throttling problem with the 49XX CPUs,cause to the fans not kikin in properly in time to prevent overheat,and since the BIOS is locked we have to wait for a Dell update to fix this,and I also heard several months have passed without the solution. Is it a problem we can solve with a simple BIOS update,or there's further more in this rotten matter? How much it affects in terms of perfomance? Also,how can I know my current BIOS version?

I'm currently using XTU to monitor components temperatures,do you know any better program or should I stick with it? I'm looking for a good one to monitoring the FPS In-Game applications too.

My current Setup is: 4900MQ,GTX 780m SLI,750GB HD with 80GB caching SSD

Thanks for your attention

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