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Technical Questions, please respond

I need some help and advice.  Someone please respond.

FedEx delivered my Alienware Area-51 yesterday.  The outerbox was beat up real bad but the inner box was ok.  I opened it up to check for interanal damage and the water cooler assembly had fallen onto the mother board.  There doesn't appear to be any damage other than a socket on the circuit board that is directly behind the radiator.  The socket is marked "adapter".   The plug that was in that sock was unplugged when the radiator assembly fell so I plugged it back in.  I hope I plugged it back in to the correct spot.  The plastic around the socket however has cracked off  Does anyone have a pin out for this circuit board? It's not in the service manual.  .  The plug appears to be staying in place at this point. 

Should I worry about this and have it repaired? 

Can Alienware just send me another board so I can replace it? 

What is this board called?  (Part number would be great)


Alienware m11x

U7300 @ 1.73GHz

4 GB of RAM

Nvidia GTX 335

Win 7 64bit


Alienware m15x

i7 820qm @ 3.06GHz (turbo)

8 GB of RAM

Nvidia GTX 260m

Win 7 64 bit


Alienware Area-51

i7 990x Extream Edition @ 3.73 GHz

6 GB of RAM

Nvidia GTX 580

Win 7 64 bit

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