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Re: Technical Questions, please respond


When you saw the box was severely battered you should have refused the delivery.
I understand that after waiting with excitement to receive your new machine, you would rather have accepted it in the hope that everything was ok but as you have seen, that is not the case. FedEx are responsible for this but as you accepted it Dell now have to pick up the relay. They might not be so willing considering the fault was not theirs.

As I said the inner box was not damaged.  Everything that's shipped gets jostled.  If I refused every box that came to my door step with a dent or scratch, I wouldn't recieve many boxes.  Chances are the cooling assemble was loose to begin with.  Fact is, Dell would make a subrogation claim with FedEx if it were damaged and I wouldn't have to deal with FedEx at all.  It's part of there merchant services agreement.  The systems running fine and I'm not that worried about it.  The reason for the back story was not to complain about Dell/Alienware but to simply put how the part was damaged into context. As well as to inform any potential owners to check there rigs inside and out.   If a problem does arise, it's under warranty.   I'm not so concerned about the money, or I would have just would have built my own.  Alienware machines have style and features you can't get in a home build.  That's why I own 3 of them.

I'm more interested in getting the part number and name of the part.  I would like to call and order another one so I have it on hand if it fails.  It help's to know the name of the part so the customer service agent doesn't have to look it up or transfer me 6 times to get the order placed.  (That's happened to me.)

What is the name of the part?  

Are there any technical manuals available for the part?  It looks like there are sockets for additional relays.  I'd like to attatch some additional sensors and variable speed fans to the relay if possible. 

Anybody out there have the tech knowledge I seek or is this forum just full of trolls?



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