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Alienware Aurora R4 doesn't turn on

I bought my Aurora about 7 month ago. Today i decided to reinstall Win 7, because i had trojan. In boot menu i changed 1st boot device to uefi dvd +/- rw device, before there was uefi windows device manager ( i think it was my raid 0). Then i restarted computer and started to install win 7. Through the installing i format :C disk to reinstall windows fully. Installation had been passing normally, until computer restarts. Then i changed 1st device to HARD DISK - not like before. After that i saw

"Internal hard disk drive not found

to resolve this issue. try to reseat the drive.
No bootable devices.

Strike F1 to retry boot. F2 enter Setup Menu. F5 enter PSA. "

I ran PSA but it weren't any problems. 

Help me, please!)

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