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RE: saving power - upgrading x51 r2

Hi. I just upgrade my processor of my X51 R2 from a i5-4460 to a i7-4790K. The i7 uses about 4W more than the i5.


I'm alos planning to upgrade my GPU from a gtx 745 OEM to a EVGA GTX 970 (04G-P4-1970-KR), which I hear should be possible. However I still have some power concerns, taking the +4W from my new CPU into account.


So, I would like to know if it is possible to save some power. Like for example, disconnecting the case lighting, since it is just only used for appearance sake.


Or alternatively, the second best gpu that I could get for my X51.


Hey...just wondering why you purchased a 4790(k) and not just a 4790? The R2 cannot be overclocked. To answer your GPU question...(as long as you have a 330 watt power supply) I ran a GTX 970 for a few months without any issues at all and I am now running a GTX 980 and have had zero issues. Just make sure you buy a reference style card otherwise you will have heat issues.

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