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Re: AREA 51 Best Video card with i975X?

Ok so I ran 3D MARK 06 to get a baseline before I do any mods. I have always used 3dmark 06 so thats that. If there is a reason for me to sit through new tests Ill consider it, but it has to be worth it Smiley Happy.

I have 6GB 1333MHZ ram, an i975X processor, a GTX 260 and a GTX 295, and alienware area 51.

I basiclly ran the tests using different settings of NVIDIA control panel. I will outline them below.

OK some interesting results:

1. NON-multi GPU support with the 260 dedicated to PhysX, it got

score = 18067.

Not that high, for a GTX 295 with GTX260 dedicated to PHYSX. {Its running on LV 1 OC. (or stock OC?)}

2. PHYS X on auto choice in Nvidia control panel, and MULT GPU enabled {Its running on LV 1 OC. (or stock OC?)}

Score = 22352

3. MULTI-GPU and GTX 260 dedicated to PHYSX {Its running on LV 1 OC. (or stock OC?)}

Score = 22431

Mixing it up a little bit

I removed the GTX 260 from the tower.

4. MULTI GPU with PHYSX on recommended and only the GTX 295 installed I got

Score = 22864


Finally for now,

5. I ran the LV3 OC with just the GTX 295, and PhysX auto and got

Score = 23983


Any people with experience can help point me in the right direction. As i mentoned I have the 1.1KW supply, and am looking at playing the BF3 a lot.


On one hand I have only ever had NVidia, and when choosing a video card I thought maybe an AMD card, but scrapped that because i have an extra GTX 295 and 260 and I can use either/both for PHYSX. As it turns out through my basic testing, Physx seems to do jack. Am i wrong? Is it marketing puff as usual, or a I missing something? Scores seem a bit wierd? Not using a GTX 260 for PHYSX got me a better socre?


Finally any more recommendations for what i should go with, if my CPU and ram are fine.



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