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M17X-R4 Bios Failure. Black Screen

Asside from the fact that my amazing $1600 laptop that I just finished paying off in june doesn't work why should I be unhappy? Well here is why. It stopped working right when the warranty expired! Now I have a $1600 paperweight! So, do I sink more money into the warranty? I have read post after post about what could be the cause. It all points back to a bad motherboard or bios. Either way you will need to replace the motherboard. I pulled all the ram chips and checked those. No good. I re-seated the HDD to be sure it had a good connection. No Good. Both of the cooling fans work properly. It wont start connected to a normal monitor or an HDMI connected bigscreen. I'm not ripping into it deeper than that. Why did this have to happen right after the warranty expired? Why could it not be something simple like a video card or memory module? Any answers?

Let me mention that I cannot afford the $279 extortion, I mean basic next day on site service after remote diagnosis. Which I cant do because it wont even post. Package? I think Dell should fix this. They manufactured it this way. And have had several complaints about this exact problem. Most of those guys had it happen while their machines were still under warranty.

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