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2nd case is hardware now. When you plug in HDMI cable everything is fine, but if only you touch this, it may lose signal for a while, it just doesnt fit well the HDMI socket as it does in the SAMSUNG monitor. Tried 2 cables, tried to reverse the cable .

I've always thought the HDMI port/plug was poorly designed:

1. Pins are too small. Standard connector should have been bigger for more surface area
2. No screws or retention device

But it is what it is. It has no retention device because it's really a consumer home theater audio/video port (not a computer interface). Notice none of the other old home theater ports have retention device either. They are not built to be "moved around".

All that said ... I have never seen a problem with an HDMI port on a device, amp, computer, whatever ... if it's fully inserted (straight in) and left alone. I have seen poorly make cables and out-of-spec cables (or lower speed v1.2 cables used where they shouldn't be). Now, if the HDMI port has been damaged or bent ... different story. They are pretty fragile.

Good luck with your repair.

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