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RE: To ALL Aurora R3 Owner: Don't install Windows 8/8.1, warm boot freeze issue is currently unsolveable!

I have an Aurora R3, and I was able to get both Windows 8 and 8.1 up and running without issue by doing a small bit of legwork.  This was not my own discovery (this was worked out by a different user last year).

What you will ultimately be doing is babysitting your installation and then installing two drivers. 

The problem with the R3 is when you go to do a warm boot with 8/8.1.  This never seems to be a problem on a cold boot.  So, when you are installing 8/8.1, you need to watch for when the machine wants to restart.  When it gets to that point where you know its safe to cut the power, hold down the power button until the machine shuts off.  Push the button again to start it up and let the install continue.  Repeat this over and over again until Windows finally finishes installing (like 5 or 6 times... maybe less).

When you finally get it all installed, go and download the following two driver installation packages :


Run both of them fully.  You should be good to go at this point.

I had this same problem a year ago with Windows 8.  I performed these steps and my installation has lasted all this time without any problems. When I decided to go and install 8.1, I was horribly reminded that I was going to need to do extra stuff to get up and going.  I just finished the install and I'm back where I need to be. 

Have fun!