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RE: Aurora R3 + Windows 8.1 = warm boot freeze issue

Dell has CONFIRMED it's a bios issue. and has flat out said the R3 "is not windows 8 compatible... and they refuse to make any changes to make it more compatible with win 8 or 8.1

The issue actually lies in the audio HW... it has to do with something upon a warm boot that the bios doesn't fully reset it... and when you warm boot, you will here some crackle and pop from your speakers.. then it locks.. it even does this on the install, boot, or recovery disc...

upgrading from  7 to 8 on this machine was a nightmare.. every time it tried to restart, I had to step in and power down..that was the only way...

Fast start up = WORKS... why.. all it does it logs you out.. and hibernates... and that powers off the system

basically anything works except restart... and if you choose that.. you just power down on POST.. and power back up...

Alienware Aurora R3 - A"07" (modded*) - 1000W PSU
Intel Core i-7 2600K 3.4Ghz, Turbo mode 4.9Ghz, VID OV @ 20 w/PLL Overclocking Enabled
8GB RAM DDR3 1666Mhz
EVGA nVidia 780 GPU
(2) Dell 30" 2560x1600 Monitors
C: 2TB (2 1TB Raid 0 drives)
😧 12TB (3 4TB Raid 0 drives)
E: 32GB USB 3.0 Thumb Readyboost Drive (yes it REALLY helps until I go pure SSD)
F: 16TB Usb 3.0 Raid 5 backup array box
Windows 8.1 x64

*=Warm boot issues resolved, added support for drives larger than 2-4TB, TRIM SUPPORT, ENABLED ALL UEFI support so to not cause issues with windows 8+ or new gpus, as well as other bug fixes. I have a file called A07.bin, and when my R3 boots up, it reports bios vA07 which are MY mods to the bios. My "A07" is what Dell SHOULD have done with the R3 line. Also with the zip file are updated USB and CHIPSET drivers for Windows that FIX the warm boot lock up. Contact for the files. I will ONLY supply them if your machine is OUT of warranty