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RE: Aurora R3 + Windows 8.1 = warm boot freeze issue

ok so let me try and get this clear for Aurora R3, if you are doing either a clean or upgrade install from Windows 7 (say) to Windows 10...

1) Whenever Windows 10 installation reboots the Aurora R3, during the reboot WHEN the Alienware face shows and then the BIOS details in text (can't remember them but the memory size is displayed and the RAID drive size etc all in text) you have to do a hard reset with the button at THIS point BEFORE you get to the 'Starting Windows' or 'Windows' screen ? Do this once each time the Windows 10 install reboots and then allow it to continue on each 'next' reboot. What happens if you miss a hard reboot during the Windows 10 install and it gets to the 'Starting / Installing Windows' part ? does it freeze forever or then decide to abandon the Windows 10 install and revert to Windows 7 ?

2) After Windows 10 installs you have to install those two Dell provided files listed in a thread above i.e. the Intel Chipset one and then the USB 3.0. one. If you don't do this will USB 3.0 ports just not work ?

3) After performing steps 1) and 2) and Windows 10 is 'working' do you still have to do a hard reboot every time to shut the machine down ? does soft reboot not work anymore ? did alienware have a bespoke soft reboot ? is that the problem...? if so is there anyway of circumventing that ?

4) Also what about the 'forced' Windows 10 updates... what happens when they decide to restart your PC ? what happens if you forget to hit the hard reset button after Windows 10 update decides to reset your PC ?

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