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I bought an Alienware Laptop for college 3 years ago and it was back ordered for 2 weeks without much explanation nor compensation. When i got my laptop to this day it is the best laptop i ever bought but if i ever have problems calling alienware is a pain because they forever have me on hold or i get a customer service representative who gives me immense attitude or one that doesn't help my situation.


Last year i split a liquid on my keyboard and had to have it replaced not only it took them half a month and a few days to send off a replacement, I had to call and remind them to put through my order because even though they deduct the charge off my credit card to factory kept on "forgetting" or "having problems" sending out a keyboard.

 Last week my OS crashed and i lost my replacement CD not only did i have a horrific time forever on hold with customer service the man was giving me attitude and was rather impatient with me. I ended up hanging up after hearing my order was sent relief to get off the phone to wait a day or two to find out not only my order was not sent because of some problem with the credit card they didn't even e-mail or call back to notify me of the problem. I called back Customer service to inquire and got a very attitude filled representative again being snappy with his mannerism which annoyed me because i feel like if i am begging him for free help.

The order was presumably sent and i asked if they could expedite it which of course they told me no, but upon calling back another rep said he will see what he can do.

Finally today i was on hold for 40 minutes to be told that for an unknown reason they do not believe my order was sent nor do they know the status. I am beginning to absolutely hate dell alienware because of the poor customer service and tardiness of delivering  my orders because of back logs. I was going to repair my 9700 and buy 3 m17xs for myself and siblings and also buy a few of there pc for a club in my school since we are heavily over budgeted but i rather build my own PC. I feel like carrying my case to the Burea for business because not only do i never get any product i order on time without having to baby sit their customer service.


I feel like as a customer they have made me feel as though i am not appreciated at all by there rudeness and tardiness in the delivery  of there product and assistance

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