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Re: Alienware m17x r3 and Linux

Such a question needs my answer  ...wrecking something with linux....It's always mainly about graphics card when talking about gaming machine at all. I of course understand that other components (cpu, board, memory) need to be performable. I bought this machine for price which was better than performance equivalent for hp or lenovo workstations models. I love alienware keyboard and screen. I mainly use this piece of hardware for running development environment tools and servers. The target platform is linux and java. I like fast boot (currently about 13 seconds from start button to fully started kde) and not systems which creates large and larger trash area in time which makes it slow and slower, that is why I prefer linux.

On the other hand of course when thinking about alienware just like about gaming machine, you are right, windoze rules this place. But also here exists big progress with gaming under wine or virtualization even it will be outperformed with  dual-boot in case of linux users.

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