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 I agree. I placed an order and used a gift card, put all my information in and put my debit card info in for the remaining balance.  What a surprise when I noticed that they had taken $200 more out of my account than I had authorized.  When I called them they said that because my order already had been processed the only option would be to reorder.  I did just that using my gift card again, and then called back to return my first order.  I was then told that I would have to pay a $28.00 restocking fee to return the items.  Even though I had been told previously that I would not have to pay a restocking fee.  I gave the man on the line the reps name (Joseph ext. # 7244062) that had told me this and he said that the first person was not authorized to make that comment, and that I would have to pay it regardless.  I am really confused as to how I got screwed in this transaction. 

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