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Re: Are the 1080 TI's in the new Aurora R7 Founders Editions? If not, what are they?

The most recent Alienware video shows a number of video cards that were the very generic black cards, one in a Aurora and two in an Area 51. They did not say which cards they were, so it's possible that the standard less expensive cards are the plain black without the green illuminated lettering. I'm not clear as to if the illuminated lettering with higher quality metal casing are FE addition but I would be pretty disappointed if I were to order a high end card (1080 or 1080 Ti) and it came looking like these OEM looking ones.

Do It Yourself! | Alienware - YouTube 

I presently have an Area 51 R2 (and love it) with original 980 that has the nicer casing. I have no idea if it's considered Founder's Edition, I just know it looks a lot nicer than those in the video. And am concerned that Dell has changed the quality of the cards they presently use with the Aurora R7's and newest Area 51's. Plain ugly cards don't belong in an Alienware IMO, those black plain cards do a real disservice to the brand. But again that's just one longtime patron's opinion.

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