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Re: Aurora R4 red light inside

Googled again, I did google the first time but "alienware MIA light" instead of MIO, silly me. Ok now  see it's a board controls the lights, thermals, basically the CC, motorized DVD drive. But I still don't see the point to be lit when the computer is off.


And I would like to know why I have a different motherboard than the ones I've seen around, and also why I cannot find my chipset, it must be somewhere 😕 is my motherboard worse or better, basically.


Thanks for the help again.



Look up DDR, DDR 2, DDR 3 and then DDR 3 Q memory. Then look up the x58 and then the x79 chipset. Then ask yourself what picture you were looking at. This is just a case of you not understanding what you are looking at.  

The light is on because the MIO is on, regardless of the PC power state. It shows the functionality state of the MIO board.



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