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Re: Alienware 17 R4 Dell Stock Image Recovery Restore

 I am having this same issue, is there a total restore disk/software that I can download to get all of my "bells and whistles" back? My issues was I did the update to creator and received a virus, I contacted Microsoft and they found corrupt files that couldn't be fixed. I had to do a factory wipe and re-install windows 10 and lost all of my Alienware software. I was able to download some of the software but I know that I am still missing a great deal. Please help!

Hi, I got my 17 R4 two and ran Windows updates, Dell Driver Updates and all that. I think somewhere along the process, I got upgraded to the Creator's Edition and I'm not sure problems existed before the updates but they certainly existed afterwards. My Default Username in the C:\Users section and elsewhere was being defaulted to first 5 letters of my name, I was seeing graphic bugs in games like Dota 2 with all the drivers updated etc.

So I decided to wipe and do a fully clean install using the stock image provided on Dell.com for my system and a flash drive. Little did I know this was a fully Windows 10 Home Stock image and I lost all my Alienware software swag. I managed to restore most of the software components through the Dell website (Command Center, OSD etc) and ran the Digital Delivery as well (which I felt didn't really install anything), the clean system reinstall fixed my issues, but I'm now seeing some missing swag like No Alienware logo in the System properties, No Alienware Theme and maybe more. 

How do I take this Stock image from Dell to go back to exactly how it was with all the Alienware stuff when I received the system? Thanks

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