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RE: Audio problems with windows 10 Alienware M17x R4 > Creative Labs CT9570 Audio Driver

Well I find it to be unacceptable for a company that claims they make the best gaming laptops and desktop pc's to plainly neglect the needs of so many customers. The Alienware m17x R4 is not an old machine and was still available brand new a year ago in stores and now with the "last" windows to be made will not be compatible without the user going to extremes to solve the issue themselves with absolutely no assistance from Dell at all. This makes me doubt in the quality of the "Dell Customer Care" and since I am in the process of replacing my m17x R4 I am now leaning towards the Asus ROG and MSI GT series which perform on the same level as the new Alienware but is $1,500 cheaper. I implore Dell to take a look at all their client sitting with this exact same issue with a single driver and help us fix the issue and in so doing return our faith in the Dell brand.