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RE: Audio problems with windows 10 Alienware M17x R4 > Creative Labs CT9570 Audio Driver

I strongly agree. BUT, there's the fact that 2 of my dells have given me 3 problems over the course of 15 years whilst my Toshiba broke down beyond repair after a year, my azer crashed atleast 1 time each week for a year till I threw it out from the window because I couldn't take it, the comp that actually held the longest was my Dell Dimension 8200 desktop that I had 1 problem with, only ONE under the course of 5 years, I had it running basically 24/7 during that timeperiod aswell, so on avarage it was on about 20/6, not an exact number, but it's pretty much accurate, 

That beeing said, sure, You can charge for the next-day service, even the advancedd alienware extra service thing, but neglect people here on the forums is taking it too far, what? aren't you making enough yet with all the extras you're basically shoving down our thoats like extended warranties and such, you're losing so much by doing this Dell.

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