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Alienware Aurora R1 Motherboard Overheating

I've got the 1st generation Alienware Aurora Desktop (This model is based on the Intel's X58 platform (LGA 1366 Socket)), purchased as soon as it was available in Australia. Well past warranty and it is getting older (purchased 2009). 

My desktop always had problem reading more than 3gb of memory, being a tri-channel, I had 1x3gb Samsung memory factory installed, and I added 3x4gb Kingston tri-channel in the remaining 3 slots. From this 15gb of RAM my system only ever recognised 12GB with 7.9 usable. Never worked it out, gave up trying. This has been a problem since I noticed it about a year after purchase (too late for the 1yr warranty).

My current problem affecting usage is the motherboard has begun overheating. Upon turning the computer on, all the fans immediately start at 100%. I've monitored what's getting hot inside and everything seems normal except the diodes on the right hand side of the RAM (towards the front of the PC). These are getting incredibly hot (especially the lower two, lined side by side. These ones are untouchable).

My computer hasn't turned itself off yet, but after about 2 minutes a burning smell can be detected which continues to get worse. I haven't had the guts to leave it running longer than a few minutes, especially because I'm not sure how to start troubleshooting or what else I can do here.

Any suggestions would be great.

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