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RE: Alienware X51 R2 formatting hard drive

So, here what I've done: 

After installing Win7, I installed Games for Windows and one game which require it. 

Updated and tested. Good...

Then I updated Win 7 to Win 10...and everything works as it should. 

Just need to install and update it under Win 7, then upgrade to Win 10. End of story. 

One more thing: I wanted to upgrade GPU. I had GTX 745. Basically, this card is better, than expected. Most games runs easily at 720p medium/high or 1080p low/medium. Depends on game. 

My issue was PSU 240W. According to many, many posts I read, GTX 750Ti was only option. 

But, I found, that MSI launched GTX 950 OCV2, which NOT require PCIe power plug! 

However, card was a little bit over my budget, so decided to buy used MSI GTX 950 OCV1 with single fan, which require power plug. 

So here is result: after 5 hours of GTA V (1080p, all high or very high, vsync off, fxaa 2x) computer still running!!! Didn't switch off or else. And NO OVERHEAT and that means quite quiet. Not completely silent, but not annoying. 

This card IS amazing! Enough for gamer little higher than entry-level. I bought it for £90, so relative cheap. 

Thank You for help and hope I help someone, who wondering about GTX 950.

Alienware X51 R2: 

i5 4460,



 240W PSU.

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