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Betreff: Re: [M17x R3] HDMI not working properly

*facepalm* that was too easy...

I just saw, that 295.73 came out so I tried that one. While setup I also checked re-installation. I don't know why, but I just felt like it.

Setup done, rebooted, HDMI plugged in and... nothing.

With a bit of frustration I browsed through the settings (HDCP status for internal still missing) I stopped a moment at setup multiple Displays.

There were Laptop-Display and Pioneer Electronics listed, but only Laptop-Display was checked. Shouldn't the other one be checked, too? I gave it a try and it works!
Geez, so much trouble just because of a simple checkbox!

Well, switching to HDMI in still turns off the Display, but since I have no real use for it anyway, I'll just let it be.
But I'm still open for ideas for that. Already tried changing energy-profiles and using different input resolutions.

Have fun

M17xR3 A09 - i7 2630QM - Kingston HyperX XMP 8GB @1600MHz - nVidia GTX580M v295.73 - 1920x1080 120Hz 3D -  Samsung SSD 830 256GB + Seagate Momentus 750GB 7200 1/min - Blu-Ray ODD - Killer Wireless-N 1103 - Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

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