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Aurora ALX - Active Venting problem


I have a new aurora alx, only a few days old, and i'm having problems with the active venting. It gets stuck between the closed and open posistions! So to get it to open I have to lift it slightly into its middle open posistion. It will move from half open to fully open just fine, but if I then tell it to close and open again.. stuck!

Help anyone? I really don't want to be stuck with a brand new alienware with an annoying problem like this! I know its not vital, but its so annoying on such a nice, and new system that costs so much that it could be broken so quickly..



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Rich Dewees
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Re: Aurora ALX - Active Venting problem

The vents on my Area 51 ALX squeaked so bad whenever they moved I had to lightly apply grease to every screw and metal slide I could find. These things are just another "cool" "gimmick" like the AlienFX and the AlineGUIse that may or may not work all the time for everyone. For the money we paid for these things, call AW tech support and have a tech come out.
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Re: Aurora ALX - Active Venting problem

Had the same problem on my Area-51.  TS replaced fin unit and problem was solved.

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