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Re: Aurora ALX - Active Venting problem

Had the same problem on my Area-51.  TS replaced fin unit and problem was solved.

Alienware Area-51 X58

Bios A10

Intel Core i7 Extreme 990X @ 3.47 MHz

Boot Drive 1.5Tb

2nd  drive 2x1.5Tb Raid 1

3rd Drive 2x2Tb Raid 1

4th Drive 1.5Tb

Command Center

Windows 7 Ultimate Professional, SP1

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580

BH30N Blu-Ray burner/DH-24ABS CD/DVD player

24.0” Dell U2410 UltraSharp™ Full HD Monitor

23.0” Alienware AW2310 OptX™ Full HD Gaming Monitor, 3D capable

NVIDIA 3D Vision

Creative Labs X-Fi Titanium series

USB: keyboard and Mouse, printers, webcam, hard drives,...

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