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M11x r3 i7 A05 Bios flash fail

Hi, I tried to update the Bios today, bad day, the machine glitched in the middle of the flashing process and now I have a very expensive brick. The laptop doesnt boot anymore, starts blank with a single beep repeated after long pauses: Bios corruption code... Details on this thread: http://forum.notebookreview.com/alienware-m11x/693927-m11xr3-a05-bios-released-10-25-12-a.html I will contact Dell support monday but I have a bad feeling about what this will cost me... Warranty expired of course. Can I have the price of a replacement i7 motherboard? Does anyone know where I could buy a spare part somewhere? Thanks.

M11x R3 - i7 2617M - RAM 8Go - GeForce GT 540M 2Go - Momentus XT 500Go - Intel wifi N6300 - Dell Bluetooth 375

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