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Re: M11x r3 i7 A05 Bios flash fail

So I basically followed the steps to recover the BIOS from another guy who has a M17x R3, I will sum up:

- download the bios from Dell (A05 in my case)

- use winrar to extract the .fd file from the bios executable file

- rename the .fd file to PAR00X64.fd

- copy that file to a FAT32 USB flashdrive (it seems not all flash drives are recognized, try with several models if you don't succeed, I tried 3 models)

- unplug the battery and the power cord

- put the USB drive in the left port

- hold the "END" button and plug the power cord, the fan starts and no beep at startup (in my case), you can release the END button

- you will see the USB drive flash after a few seconds, the laptop is actually flashing the bios automatically

- wait

- the laptop will reboot and do stuff, after a while (3-4mins in my case) it will come back to life!

- enjoy relief and a cold beer

I hope this will help other people suffering a bricked M11x R3.

M11x R3 - i7 2617M - RAM 8Go - GeForce GT 540M 2Go - Momentus XT 500Go - Intel wifi N6300 - Dell Bluetooth 375

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