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AlienRespawn: Which Recovery Partition?

AlienRespawn on new Alienware17:

I wish to alter partition sizes to install a second operating system while keeping the AlienRespawn Factory Restore Image. I may replace current SSHD with SSD in near future and don't want to run into the "not enough space" problem caused by trying to restore to a smaller partition.

I would like to know which partition contains the AlienRespawn factory backup image. I have 2 recovery partitions and 1 OEM partition, as well as the OS & EFI partitions.

Anyone got a clue?

p.s. I have created and tested a pair of AlienRespawn recovery DVDs for the current (as shipped) status.

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RE: AlienRespawn: Which Recovery Partition?


The factory image should be on the 8.52 GB partition. If you're going to install a second OS for dual boot, I recommend doing it on the 456.11 GB partition without modifying the other smaller partitions. 

When you decide to replace your drive for an SSD, I suggest you use the recovery DVDs you created to avoid running into more problems.

Hope this information helps!

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