Re: How to replace the PSU on an Alienware Aurora

Tricky one that, the wattage is written on the side of the psu which is buried behind all the plastic add on bits so in order to check it you gotta take it out(see description in my last post) however the tech did it not me(i have learned not to touch the computer whilst under warranty, your covered keep it that way, let the tech's do the work, the thing was that i had ordered the 875w and when i received the pc the cable loom had a 525w sticker attached to it, not being happy i rang they called out but as it turned out they had put a 875w in they just hadnt changed the loom to reflect that so when the tech pulled it out i saw "875w" on the side and observed a new "875w" go in, there are software bits 'n bobs out there to tell you what kinda wattage your psu is throwing out to your GPU CPU etc. etc...... but i have also learned to start staying away from 3rd party software the Alienware aurora is a very delicate machine(software wise) so keep stuff ya really dont need away from it...........

i just got CC working after 3 months(thats another story)

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