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RE: Bios update help

someone else will answer your other questions, but listen closely: when you do go to upd8 your r4 to a11, call Alienware tech support, have them on the phone when you upd8 bios, so they can talk you through it & if anything goes "wrong", they'll probably bail you out of it because it'll be documented. Ok?  

Search the forum here for r4 A11, sometimes the firmware flash can go right & sometimes it can go wrong, those who did not call tech support were usually out in the cold after a problem, those who did call were usually bailed out ...

Tesla1856 says you should only upd8 a bios outside of windows, using dos I think is what he said as the safest method ... wait for help, or call tech support ... that MSI board is glitchy with A11 so I hear *wink*

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